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The Paint Enhancement Specialist

Correct   ·   Protect   ·   Maintain

Arora Enhancement based in Palma de Mallorca, has been created to correct and enhance, damaged and compromised topsides through a complex and delicate approach of machine compounding, polishing and refining stages, whilst finishing by protecting and teaching valuable techniques to absolutely minimize the chance of inducing defects back into the freshly corrected, enhanced finish.

After years of experience, in both the yachting and supercar industries, enough knowledge was gathered to realise that all yacht coatings and paints can be kept looking new and fresh all year round, year after year, with little effort if maintained correctly.

One of the most important things for a captain or owner is that the vessel not only runs, but also looks its best year round. Many factors come into play that deteriorate the general condition, shine and gloss of the yachts coating, whether it’s a gelcoat, acrylic, polyester based or polyurethane topcoat. Ultraviolet rays and incorrect wash techniques being the two main factors. With a great appreciation and love of seeing colours, shapes, crisp lines and reflections at their very best, Arora strives for a finish to satisfy our own fastidious desires in turn creating great customer satisfaction every time.

“Crisp lines, shapes, colours and reflections at their very best“

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