Minimise The Chance Of Inducing Defects

How To Protect Your Boat Best?

Here We Like to Share Some of Our Tips and Tricks With You

Incorrect wash techniques, tools, and products are some of the main causes of surface defects such as swirl marks being inflicted to the yachts finish. Over a short period of time, these swirl marks and surface scratches build up resulting in a hazy finish with less reflections, less gloss and they also give a place for contaminants such as salt, calcium from hard water, airborne contaminants and diesel soot to cling to.

By implementing some of our tips you can greatly minimise the chance of inducing defects into the yachts finish. While some of these tips may seem like common sense, they are not implemented thoroughly enough throughout the industry. Remember, you only need to stray from these guidelines once for the damage to be done. Download PDF for step by step guide ...