Untouchable Level Of Shine, Clarity And Gloss Factor

Arora offers four different levels of treatment to cover every situation and desire. Every yacht coating is different to the next. Whether it’s an acrylic, gelcoat, polyurethane, or one of the many other topside finishes available. The properties within all of these different colours and variations change vastly from one to the other. Even the vessels substrate affects how the paint reacts to our different treatments. Due to these different factors, every boat must be approached differently to achieve the desired result.

A bespoke approach and diagnostic within our four levels and a vast array of the world’s finest detailing products, pads, blends of compounds, polishes, sealants and variations of different machines at hand to choose from, every scenario, coating and condition is covered. In turn, this results in the best possible treatment for the yacht and its specific coating whilst producing an untouchable level of shine, clarity and gloss factor. Not to mention the huge added benefit of money savings through avoiding the expensive, time consuming resprays.

Our level 1 treatment concentrates solely on protection of the topsides
whilst levels 2, 3 and 4 embark on machine correction and enhancement followed by protection.

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Level 1 · Protection

“Protection to the Vessel's Topsides is Absolutely Vital”

Yachts are subjected to an everyday battle against our planet's harsh natural elements such as ultraviolet rays. Not to mention the damaged caused by exhaust soot, salt crystals, incorrect wash techniques, acidic teak cleaners, the list goes on.
It is for the above reasons that applying a protection to the vessel’s topsides is absolutely vital. Whether it’s one of our finest polymer, hydrophobic or nano coatings, they all act as a vital barrier or film, that serves as an important repellent against dirt, water, salt and UV rays which over time play havoc with a yachts finish. This havoc quickly develops into a dull, lifeless yacht with little or no shine.
Our Level 1 treatment is mainly for freshly painted or new yachts. It will protect them from the elements, in turn, resulting in lower maintenance costs, quicker and easier wash downs and more time on the water than under a tent.

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Level 2 · Light Correction

“Better Than New Finish The Yacht Deserves”

Over time numerous washdowns, UV damage, bonded contaminants, fender marks, etc., all slowly leave unwanted swirl marks and fading to your yachts finish.
Our Level 2 enhancement treatment caters for finishes that are in generally good condition but need that extra lift to bring it to the deep, clear, in most cases better than new finish the yacht deserves.
The treatment consists of removing any bonded contaminants and staining such as salt crystals or exhaust soot, followed by a one stage machining polishing process using the best suited product, pad and machine combination for the coating at hand. This will remove any leftover buffer trails, holograms, or machine marks from previous “polishers”, along with light unwanted swirl marks picked up through multiple weekly wash downs.
Over all, the gloss factor and clarity of the topsides is hugely increased in every case, leaving the yacht with a smooth, slick finish. A polymer protection is then applied which adds again to the unparalleled shine.

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Level 3 · Medium Correction

“The Clarity And Gloss Factor Are Unparalleled”

Arora’s Level 3 treatment has the ability to transform the majority of tired and compromised yacht coatings into a sharp, fresh and enhanced finish, leaving the topsides looking as good as, if not better than the day it left the manufacturer from new.
The complex removal of paint defects and imperfections begins by testing which combinations from our array of detailing products, pads, solutions, machines and techniques best suit the job at hand.
This luxury of having a large array and assortment of the world’s best detailing products to choose from insures the best possible result for your yacht.
Our two stage machine correction and enhancement process then begins, in turn, removing the present defects that are compromising the overall finish. After each stage follows a thorough panel wipe to dissolve and remove any leftover polishing oils. This ensures “true” correction and a good base for the protection to chemically bond to the surface.
The final step is applying a layer of one of the finest polymer sealants available on the market. The end result is a finish where 85% to 95% of defects have been removed, the clarity and gloss factor are unparalleled and the topsides now have a very important layer of protection.

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Level 4 · Heavy Correction

“Caters For The Most Tired, Oxidised And Heavily Swirled Finishes”

This is the most comprehensive and intense treatment we have to offer. It caters for the most tired, oxidised and heavily swirled finishes. When you are thinking your yacht is in need of a respray, it is worth taking time to have a sample area of this treatment carried out first.
If there are no problems under the paint or gelcoat such as blistering or rust, if there are no areas where it has worn through to the primer or substrate, then, 90% of the time the problem can be rectified and the finish can be fully revived without the need of a respray. The cost savings are enormous not to mention the time saving.
This three to four stage machining process removes the minimal amount necessary of the upper most layer of the top coat to reveal a fresh and as new finish underneath.
The fresh unspoiled finish is then prepped before an all important layer of sealant is applied to protect it from the many factors that caused the deterioration in the beginning.

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